The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn is caring for three patients with coronavirus.

The Cambridgeshire hospital said new precautions are being put in place, and social contacts of the patients are being located and informed.

People who were in close contact with the infected patients will be given instructions on what to do if they are unwell in the 14 days after their contact with the confirmed case.

In doing this, the risk to the general public will be minimised, and the potentially infected person can be treated more quickly.

 Visitation in the wards will also be restricted, except in the cases of children's wards, neonates, maternity and end of life visits.

Citizens are being urged to do three things
1) Watch for a new and persistent cough
2) Determine if you have a high fever
3) Do not travel to a pharmacy, GP office or hospital to tell them you have it. You also do not need to contact 111 to inform officials you will be undergoing a self-quarantine.

Unless otherwise informed, the hospital would like all patients who have previously established appointments to make their way to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

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