Coronavirus has shut down The Boat Race that pits the Cambridge University Boat Club against Oxford.

The last time the men's competition didn't happen, it was due to a world war, and the women's race faces its first cancellation since it re-started in 1964.

Concern over the health of the public has never stopped The Boat Race.

All parties involved have begun looking at a way to reschedule the event sometime in June. But it is thought that it may be challenging to find a date suitable to all parties involved.

David Searle, who runs the Boat Race Company, acknowledged that a large crowd would attend whenever The Boat Race happened. However, experts believe it might be difficult to pull off at a later date.

What happens now

Some alternatives considered include utilising a private lake or making the race happen over a shorter distance.

Both Cambridge and Oxford teams have been working hard for months with rigorous training schedules. So the cancellation will be a big blow to these groups.
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